Pixel Animation

Pixel Animation

Who’s up for some games during this isolation time?   

In this video, we will be showing you how to create a dinosaur gamer character in the good old pixelated style.

🎮 🦖

Software used in this video: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Moho.

Here’s the breakdown of this tutorial so you can skip ahead if you want to: 

00:00:05 – 00:08:50: Designing the dinosaur gamer character with Adobe Illustrator 

00:08:50 – 00:18:08: Importing the illustration to Moho (separate layers and change colours) 

00:18:08 – 00:40:50: Setting up rigs 

00:40:50 – 01:15:50: Animating 

01:15:50 – 01:17:20: Adding Pixel Effect with Adobe After Effects 

01:17:20 – 01:54:43: Smoothing (cleaning up all the curves and make sure the animation looks smooth)

Free illustration file:

(Project files are for educational purposes only. Re-distributing or selling them is strictly prohibited and considered copyright violation.)